An Inside Analysis Of Bridesmaid Dresses Strategies

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So you want to make sure you get it right. Many brides often look back on their wedding dress and wish they could have a redo—whether it be a small element like an accessory or rethinking the whole thing. What else do women walking down the aisle wish they had known before picking out their dress? Here are 14 former brides who reveal what they might do differently. "I would have gone simpler, lighter, and more classically elegant and choose an option in that category that is price-friendly. If I redid my gown, I would try on a couple of simple silk or satin A-lines and see how I feel versus going straight to the bigger and frillier dresses. The last thing I would want is not to be able to dance the night away." —Natalie N.E., Philadelphia "Looking back, I would have loved a dress that didn't require so many alterations. I went a bit over my original budget and didn't realize that I'd have to spend nearly $500 to add French bustles as well. I was able to cut costs by ordering a veil online and sticking to ballet flats, but that only helped so much." —Meghan E., Richmond, Virginia "If I could do it all over again, I would have gone with a 1960s bohemian/beatnik style, which was just ahead of trend when I was getting married six years ago and not easily found. Something with long sleeves and an open back for my early spring celebration would have been supercool but practical at the same time." —Maggie N., Sleepy Hollow, New York "I probably would've allowed for a smidge more breathing room or a bit more stretch, as my dress was very snug.

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